Letter to Highways Agency 19th April 2005

Dear Mr Shuker,

A120 Braintree to Marks Tey

I am writing to express my dismay at the choice of route proposed for this necessary and desirable road improvement. I consider it necessary and desirable principally in light of the need to improve East-West traffic flow. I appreciate that there are other road improvement needs and considerations in this part of Essex, including the Tiptree/A12 access problems and the Witham/Rivenhall congestion. However it seems to me that the principal consideration for the A120 must be East-West, and the other problems, with the exception of Tiptree/A12, which could be the subject of a separate scheme, must wait until any project to bring the A12 up to a three lane standard from Brentwood to Colchester can be brought forward, which I have no doubt will be many years in the future.

Looking at the East-West considerations, the arguments seem to me to point inescapably to what I understand is referred to as the on-line option, passing north of Bradwell and joining the route of the existing Coggeshall by-pass before turning south east and forming a junction with the A12 a mile or more nearer to Marks Tey than the proposed route. This would reduce the distance over which the A12 and the A120 would be combined and would create considerably less disturbance to unspoiled countryside than either the proposed route or any route south of Kelvedon.

You will note from my address that I do not live in an area affected by any of these plans. My interest in writing to you is simply that I know this area well, travel over it frequently both by car and, when possible, on foot, and am extremely anxious that the long-term interests of the communities affected are preserved. I feel sure that the on-line route will be in the best interests of those communities, and will best preserve what makes them distinctive and valuable.

Yours sincerely,
David Boyle, JP, DL,
Chelmsford Resident